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Jorge Medal is an industrial designer, he develops the @oblomobka project, which focus on parametric design and local fabrication in a networked world. He works in experimental uses for F2F tools, researching connections with other fields such as graphics, audiovisual and interactive design.

He has lived in Milán, Madrid and actually he is living in Frankfurt working as freelance designer. More info about Jorge’s work can be found at his site


Sara Alvarellos

Sara Alvarellos @trecedejunio architect, working at Medialab-Prado curating open hardware projects and citizen sensing workshops and conferences. Co-organizer of Madrid IoT Meetup group since November 2011 with 400 members. Host of International IoT Day celebration Madrid (2012, 2013).

Co-founder of Makespace Madrid, a new space dedicated to digital and traditional fabrication. Student at MIT FabAcademy 2013 digital fabrication course. Expertise developing creative projects using open design (Arduino, Processing & OpenSCAD) at Medialab-Prado and Fab Lab León.


Martina Minnucci. Architect specialized in cooperation for development of human settlements. Urban activist and designer. She believes in architecture and design as instruments to improve social, environmental and economical relationships.

César García Sáez. Computer System Engineer, working as VMware/Citrix sysadmin. East Asian Studies BA. Right now focusing my research in Social Technologies, or how to use technology to improve individuals and social conditions, at Medialab-Prado. During last year I’ve taught several workshops on Arduino and its uses beyond learning electronics. The theme of workshops was real-time participatory sensing, Internet of Things and Arduino as a rapid prototyping platfom.


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